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NameBituing walang ningning
GenreRomance, Drama, Tagalog Movies
time2h 6min

About the film

A Best-Ever Musical Drama Helps Us Learn About Whoever Admires Someone And But Then Becoming Admired.Dorina Pineda Dreamed To Be Just Like Her Favorite Musician Lavinia Arguelles,Even She’s Her Number-1 Fan,Her Inspiration,And Every Dream.So When The Time Comes Dorina Rises Also To Be A Well-Known Singer And This Made Lavinia Very Jealous And Filled With Pride And Arrogance.Tensions,Conflicts,And Turmoils Starts To Begin Betweeen Two Opposing Singers.But Despite Life’s Odds,Difficulties,And Harsh Realities She Will Make Friends With Nico Escobar Lavinia’s Boyfriend In Order How To Dethrone Lavinia And Make Her Dreams A Living Reality.The Film Also Helps Us To Expose The Ills And Evils Of Glamor,Success,And Fame.And One Sacrificing His Or Her Love For Someone In Spite Of Conflicts,Rumors,And Difficult Episodes They Encounter.Will Dorina And Nico Find Ways To Find True Love In The End

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