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NameThe Lovers
GenreNew Releases, Romance, Adventure, Action
time1 hour 49 minutes

About the film

Feature film "Out of Time" tells two stories of great love, through which people made noble, sometimes reckless, as well as great things. The film takes place in two time frames - in the XVIII century and in the near future of the modern world. According to ancient legend, many years ago in India, jewelers forged a unique ring consisting of two halves, which is designed for lovers pary.Vo the study of the ocean waters in the wreck of the XVIII century, together with his wife Laura, an archaeologist Jay Finnel finds the most unique ring. But attempts to reach an ancient ring end a great tragedy, which resulted in Jay falls into a coma. While family and friends care about Jay, his mind is transferred to India for two centuries ago, where he lives a different life in the body of a British army officer James Stewart in love with an Indian princess, which is in great danger.


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