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NameSurvivor ( 2015 )
GenreNew Releases, thriller, Action
time1 hora 36 min

About the film

As a result of a strong explosion in one of the areas of London, the heroine of the spy thriller & laquo; Surviving & raquo; & mdash; employee of the US Department of State Kate Ebot miraculously survived. Kate succeeded in working in Washington and was sent to the US Embassy in London to work to prevent the infiltration of terrorists into the country, which by all means look for workarounds. The audit documents for obtaining visa of the doctor, Kate finds many inconsistencies that cause suspicion. Only it is not possible to conduct a full investigation of the explosion, which completely changes her life. Surviving Kate herself becomes a suspect in the incident a terrorist attack, and now has to flee. Her good name slandered, discredited and long-term work. Also on the trail is a hired killer, Kate Nash, who needs to fix the problem.


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