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NameMad Max: Fury Road ( 2015 )
GenreNew Releases, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action
time1 hour 20 minutes

About the film

Thirty years after the release of the third film of the franchise, the screens out the fantasy thriller "Mad Max: Fury Road" events that occur between the first film and the second part. In the post-apocalyptic world, where there was an energy crisis, and the fuel was the greatest value in the world, Max Rokatanski worked in special units patrol force, which was engaged in catching dangerous criminals. But that was before a band of thugs killed his wife and son. Now Max alone furrowing the endless deserts without water and food, which has become a large part of the planet. All that he has - a car that Mad Max moves on road rage, because on his way he will meet with great difficulties, through many dangerous adventures and fight against violent gangs that all the forces fighting for their own survival.


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