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NameKidnapping Mr. Heineken ( 2015 )
GenreNew Releases, thriller, crime, Action
time1 час 35 мин

About the film

Events of the film "The Rape of Freddy Heineken," based on real events that unfold in 1983 in Amsterdam. Four friends in desperate need of money, why even treated to a bank to obtain a loan, which they denied. Desperate situation pushes friends on criminal case - the abduction of a rich man, for which you can get a good ransom. The victim becomes the company's well-known personality, not only in the Netherlands, but throughout the world, a very wealthy man and owner of the brewery Heineken - Alfred Heineken. By the disappearance of Mr. Heineken will attract more attention, so friends carefully planning his crime, and one day are kidnapped Heineken with chauffeur directly from your own car. Over the kidnappers demand a huge amount of money. While the family is shocked and thinks about what to do, and the police prowling around the city, Mr. Heineken and his driver safely tucked away in a soundproof room, chained to chains. However, to make this state of Freddie could through sharp mind, which helps him to work on his captors ...


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