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NameCinderella (2015)
GenreNew Releases, Adventure, Family
time1 hour 52 minutes

About the film

Fantasy film "Cinderella" is a remake of the eponymous cartoon studio "Walt Disney Pictures" and tells the amazing adventures of a young, beautiful and very good girl Ella. From an early age his mother Ella accustomed to be persistent and responsible girl to believe in goodness and keep your heart open to the magic. Some time later, after his mother died, his father married again and insidious evil Lady Tremaine. But in addition to her stepmother in the house and settled her nasty, arrogant and envious daughter Anastasia and Drizella. So for Ella fell on hard times, because my stepmother turns her into a servant, that from early morning until late at night had to indulge the whims of Lady Treymen and her daughters. Once in the forest, Ella meets a beautiful young man, but does not suspect that he is a prince, and the most coveted bride in the kingdom. Fairy godmother gives her the opportunity to visit a ball at the royal palace, where Ella met again with the young man, as well as losing a glass slipper at which Prince will look for his beloved. IMDB


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