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NameBig Game (2014)
GenreNew Releases, Adventure, Action
time1 hour 31 minutes

About the film

In the plot of the film "The Big Game" young Finnish teenager Oscar must undergo a rite of passage in the hunters, as did his father, grandfather and ancient ancestors. Since ancient times, there is a tradition, when the young man should spend in the wild woods one day and one night, and return home with the loot. Oskari does not have a strong spirit and courage, but her father is still preparing his son, and then sends the forest. Ahead of the boy is waiting the most difficult task of survival, which will make a man of him. But Oskari does not suspect that he would have not only to hunt with one only bows and arrows, but to save the life of one of the most famous and influential politicians, who was in the Finnish forests by will. While the United States "stands on the ears" and is desperately searching for their president, who never flew to the summit in Helsinki, a simple boy Oskari becomes a real lifesaver, because out of the wilderness unprepared person will be very difficult.


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