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NameSeven Pounds
time2h 3m

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To hurt someone, few of us thought that the man feels like he goes through testing and experiencing all that happens to him. Few anything at all feels deeply keeping a little secret, trying to forget about it and do not remember. But there are people who can not forgive themselves and can not live on the road with taynoy.Otvlekshis Tim Thomas gets in a car accident, taking seven lives, including the lives of his beloved Sarah Johnson. Tim survived, but woe to the offense of causing unbearable pain. Two years after the terrible tragedy Tim leaves work, knowing that he has the last chance to fix it. He finds seven people in need of serious help. Seven people - seven lives saved. Unexpectedly, he falls in love with a young woman, Emily, whose days on earth come to an end if she did not do a heart transplant. But sometimes love does not cure the terrible anguish. IMDB


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