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NameAssembly (2007)
GenreDrama, war
time2hr 31min

About the film

Unfortunately, in today's world, people make a little something for the sake of honor, and the very concept of honor is already forgotten, and being replaced by cowardice, selfishness, cynicism and indifference to other people's problems. However, in the first half of the twentieth century, the concept of honor and duty very much appreciated and were placed above all else. During the civil war in China, the commander of the 9th Company of the Chinese People's Army Gu Tszydi received orders to keep the defense abandoned mine. Unquestioningly carrying out the order, Gu Tszydi saw in his eyes he killed all the men. Of one hundred and twenty men left forty-six, and then do another. Gu Tszydi managed to survive losing all comrades. But this salvation is not brought him any joy, because he will have a long time to wander in search of truth and justice. The post-war time, not knowing the rest, Gu Tszydi spends searching for the bodies of the children who perished in the line of battle in the name of honor and valor, fulfilling orders from above.

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