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NameShake Rattle & Roll 2k5 (2005)
Genrethriller, Horror, Tagalog Movies, Comedy
time2hr 5min

About the film

Bloodthirsty creatures are bent on revenge in the first ""Shake "Rattle & Roll"" movie in a decade! This is the seventh of the Shake, Rattle & Roll horror trilogy franchise. Shake Rattle & Roll 2K5 is a creepy, delightful blend of fun and fright for the whole family! The first story, "Poso " is about a fake occultist who retires when her last job goes terribly wrong. But when a wealthy client promises Ai Ai a huge fee to contact Gloria's dead grandson, the comedy queen can't refuse. Together with her assistants-in-crime, they take on this last job, only to realize that they may not live to see another day. The second story, "Aquarium" is about a family which has just moved into a new condo unit. There, they are terrorized by a creature lurking in an aquarium left behind by the previous tenants. Ogie Alcasid & Ara Mina play the husband & wife whose cozy condo is turned into a domicile of doom by the creature. In "Lihim," the third story, a husband and his pregnant wife fear for the life of their unborn child when they move into a sleepy rural town whose residents harbor a disturbing secret. What the newlywed couple doesn't know is that their neighbors are in fact aswangs with an insatiable thirst for newborn infants.


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