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NameMystrio (Uno... dos... tres pilyos!)
GenreDrama, Comedy

About the film

Three boys are confronted with what they perceive as a challenge to prove their masculinity in a story about sexual awakening. Paul (PAOLO CONTIS) is a show-off whose obnoxious ways mask deep insecurities. Cris (KRISTOPHER PERALTA) is the klutz who tries to please everyone but ends up pleasing no one. And Caloy (CARLOS AGASSI) is the scholarly over-protected son more interested in surfing the net than meeting people. They are out to prove themselves real men but they almost always fall flat on their faces. During an out-of-town school seminar, the trio sees a good chance to finally visit a prostitution house with the three other villains in their lives trying also vainly to thwart their every move by picturing them (the growing-up guys) as bad boys. So Paul, Cris and Caloy enter the red house but, instead of losing their innocence, they uncover the shocking reality that girls forced to work there are minors.

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