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NameMinions ( 2015 )
GenreComedy, Family, Cartoon
time1hr 31min

About the film

Crank funny little yellow talking in their own language that no one understood, loved by many viewers, but how they were telling comedic cartoon "Mignon." Long before the appearance of mankind on the planet lived the little minions who managed to survive for millions of years later. The purpose of its existence, the ministry minions believe most evil and vile person on the planet, for which they are willing to do anything. During the long years of the minions worshiped many villains, from bloodthirsty dinosaurs, ending the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, Dracula, and even find evil Napoleonom.Odnako owner was easy and save it - problem. Life without the owner led to a complete discouragement and even depression. True, this situation does not suit Bob, Kevin and Stuart, so brave and determined trio goes in search of a new evil genius, which can be served. Fate puts minions in New York, where they are introduced to superzlodeykoy Scarlet Overkill. But ironically, the minions did not need Scarlet, but only hinder it embody an ingenious evil plan.


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