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NameInside Out ( 2015 )
GenreComedy, Drama, Family, Cartoon
time1:00 34 minutes

About the film

<p> An incredibly beautiful adventure cartoon & laquo; Puzzle & raquo; talks about how to get on the head man of his emotions, and how sometimes difficult to rein in his emotions. The plot revolves around & mdash; young girl Riley Anderson, who moved with their parents to a new residence. From the quiet town in the Midwest, the family moved into a bustling San Francisco, and now Riley will study at the new school, as well as making new friends. However, during adolescence teenager already it passes difficult, to say nothing about the move, and a new life in a new place. Like any other person, Riley has five basic emotions: joy, sadness, of disgust, fear and anger, who daily manage the girl and help her to cope with various situations. But what if even one of the most important emotions disappear? How then to cope with life's puzzles? </ P>


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