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NameTomorrowland ( 2015 )
GenreAdventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi
time2 hours 15 minutes

About the film

Fantastic blockbuster "The Land of the Future" tells the story of two worlds - this modern world and the parallel world of the future, which are an integral part of each other, because life is the future of the world depends on the actions in the present. Casey Newton young girl living a normal life of a teenager, and often gets into trouble, but it knows nothing about the parallel world of the future and its importance in the world.
Once it gets into the hands of a mysterious object in the form of a small icon, by which Casey enters the world under the name of "Land of the Future", where technological progress has reached incredible heights, where there is no policy, wars, famines and environmental problems are concentrated the best minds that create the most brilliant discoveries for the benefit of the whole world. To find out more about this fantastic world, Casey asks for help from the brilliant designer Frank Walker, who was once expelled from the land of the future ...


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