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NameThe Gunman (2015)
GenreAction, Western, Drama, Mystery, crime
time1 hour 55 minutes

About the film

The protagonist of the action-thriller "ganmu" - Jim Terje used to living a double life, because the line of duty he has not only constantly lie, but also to carry out covert operations the highest level of complexity. And all because Jim is the head of the protection of a large international company and part-time professional killer. He committed a crime for the benefit, but everything turned out quite differently. Another order for the removal of an important political figure of the African state turns into a disaster for Terje. Company begins active "cleansing" and Jim himself becomes the target of mercenaries. However, people from the company did not consider the fact that there is a very large Terje incriminating evidence in the form of a list of names, dates, and videos of almost all the work that he was going to make public. Now the "disappearance" Terje become the number one task, but as Jim's main aim becomes the salvation of their own lives and the life of the woman he loved.


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