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NameTerminator Genisys ( 2015 )
GenreAction, Western, Sci-Fi, Adventure
time1 hrs 26 minutes

About the film

Fantastic action movie "Terminator: Genesis" gives viewers a new adventure beloved hero - a cyborg Terminator, the T-800. The plot of the film is not a direct continuation of the previous films, and is an alternative time line that touches the past and the future. The war with Skynet continues. The leader of the resistance of humanity, John Connor sends to the past of his trusted soldier Kyle Reese to save his mother Sarah Connor, thereby ensuring its existence in the future, as well as the protection of the planet from the cyborgs. However, all is not on the plan because of the fault of time, which leads to the formation of a new version of the past, where Sarah Connor was orphaned and raised Terminator T-800, whose mission was to protect Sarah, not her son John. But in this version of the last Sarah great danger, because the girl is hunting Terminator T-1000, which is not susceptible to mechanical failure. Reese will have much "sweat" to perform its mission - to change the future.


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