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NameSpy ( 2015 )
GenreAction, crime, Comedy
time2 hours 00 minutes

About the film

The gray mouse Susan Cooper works for the CIA, but not a secret agent, and simple office clerk, whom nobody notices. Susan is a & ldquo; fighter invisible front & rdquo ;, & ldquo; the eyes and ears & rdquo; Bradley Fine secret agent with which it is paired. However, while a spy Fine conducts covert operations around the world, Susan does not go on a study, tracking the movement of Bradley, as well as helping him to resolve any pending issues. Susan secretly in love with Fine and ready to do for this handsome brave. But doing a regular job to find a nuclear bomb, Fain gets into big trouble, causing die. The CIA needs an inconspicuous spy, whose appearance is not known possessor of a nuclear bomb the Rhine Bojanowo. Now Susan a unique chance to realize his cherished dream come true and become a secret agent, which leads to a very exciting and fun adventure!


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