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NameJurassic World
GenreAction, Sci-Fi, Adventure, thriller
time00 2:00 min

About the film

At the time, the legendary director Steven Spielberg opened for the audience the wonderful world of the dinosaurs, which had been displayed in three sci-fi movies. But in the fourth movie "Jurassic World" Spielberg serves no director, and producer. The story unfolds after more than twenty years after the events in the first film. On a remote island in the middle of the ocean, is still working amusement park, designed by Professor John Hammond in which visitors enter the world of Jurassic with lush vegetation and numerous dinosaurs, recreated through genetic engineering. But over the years, attendance is very reduced, so the company owner decides to pick it up by creating a new dinosaur and the opening of a new attraction. Soon, however, a new predatory individual becomes extremely aggressive and begins to kill not only their relatives, but also people.


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