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NameIts Show Time September 29 2016
GenreIts Showtime

About the film

It’s Showtime is a variety show unlike any other. Watch as people from all over come on stage to showcase their skills and creativity in this one of a kind talent show full of fun and prizes. Sali na! Everything is more fun in Showtime. Watch It’s Showtime_x_Polus1 undefined_x_Polus4 undefined_x_Polus5 undefined_x_Polus6 undefined_x_Polus7 undefined_x_Polus8 undefined_x_Polus9 undefined

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 [url=/stuff/abs_cbn_variety_game/its_showtime/its_show_time_september_29_2016/4-1-0-641]Its Show Time September 29 2016[/url]

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<a href="/stuff/abs_cbn_variety_game/its_showtime/its_show_time_september_29_2016/4-1-0-641">Its Show Time September 29 2016</a>

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