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NameTonight With Boy Abunda Oct 14 2016
GenreTonight with Boy Abunda

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Aquino and Abunda Tonight – September 25, 2015 the hosts’ first regular show together in over two years, will air weeknights after “The Legal Wife” on ABS-CBN’s primetime block starting February 10. The format: a run-down of daily top stories, with topics ranging from showbiz, lifestyle, to politics.

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 [url=/stuff/abs_cbn_talk_show/tonight_with_boy_abunda/tonight_with_boy_abunda_oct_14_2016/11-1-0-878]Tonight With Boy Abunda Oct 14 2016[/url]

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<a href="/stuff/abs_cbn_talk_show/tonight_with_boy_abunda/tonight_with_boy_abunda_oct_14_2016/11-1-0-878">Tonight With Boy Abunda Oct 14 2016</a>

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