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NameKabuhayaang Swak Na Swak Oct 30 2016
GenreKabuhayang Swak na Swak

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KABUHYAN – focuses on the latest events, the hottest topics, and the most delicious news on your favorite celebrities and showbiz. Heavy on audience interactions and centered on the subjects that you want to hear the most about, Umagang Kay Ganda is an excellent way to start off your morning.

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 [url=/stuff/abs_cbn_news/kabuhayang_swak_na_swak/kabuhayaang_swak_na_swak_oct_30_2016/23-1-0-1095]Kabuhayaang Swak Na Swak Oct 30 2016[/url]

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<a href="/stuff/abs_cbn_news/kabuhayang_swak_na_swak/kabuhayaang_swak_na_swak_oct_30_2016/23-1-0-1095">Kabuhayaang Swak Na Swak Oct 30 2016</a>

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