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NameTubig at Langis August 31, 2016
GenreTubig at langis

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Follow the journey of Irene (Cristine Reyes), a young woman who vows to do everything in her capacity to keep her family intact, especially after her mother abandoned them when she was young. She falls in love with Jaime, a seemingly perfect prince charming, and promises to stay by her side through all her challenges. But Irene soon finds out that he is already a married man. This breaks her heart and no matter how hard she tries to forget the pain, she is left with a living reminder — their son Myko. After a few years, Irene’s childhood friend Natoy (Zanjoe Marudo) returns to her life. The two fall in love and later on get married. Finally, Irene gets what she has always wanted, until one night when Natoy succumbs to barrio lass Clara (Isabelle Daza) whom he met during one of his business trips. What will Irene do once she finds out the truth about Natoy’s infidelity? How will she protect her family?

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