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NameHome sweetie home Jan 28 2017
GenreHome Sweetie Home

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ome Sweetie Home August 22 2015 Newlywed couple, Romeo and Julie, dreams of creating a home that nurtures the value of togetherness. But this idea will not come out as an easy one as their in-laws come into the picture and their responsibilities start to pile up.Home Sweetie Home is the story of Romeo (played by John Lloyd Cruz) and Julie (played by Toni Gonzaga) lives together with the latter’s family under one roof. Julie’s mother (played by Sandy Andolong) is undoubtedly not favor of Romeo as his son-in-law for his reputation as a ladies’ man, and prefers Jay-Jay (played by Jason Gainza) whom she considers fit for his daughter for his character of being responsible. Still, the two decided to marry each other. However, in turn, Romeo has to deal with Julie’s family in the best way he knows how.

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