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NameDoble Kara September 7, 2016 HD
GenreDoble kara

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This is the story of Sarah and Kara (both played by Julia Montes), twin sisters who grows up in a happy family despite being poor. However, when Kara is diagnosed of leukemia, the twins’ mother is forced to separate the two and give Kara to her real father because they don’t have the money for her treatments. What will Sarah and Kara do when fate brings them back together after many years? How will the sisters’ relationship change after they grew up having different lives?

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 [url=/pinoy_teleserye/abs_cbn_teleserye/doble_kara/doble_kara_september_7_2016_hd/3-1-0-352]Doble Kara September 7, 2016 HD[/url]

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<a href="/pinoy_teleserye/abs_cbn_teleserye/doble_kara/doble_kara_september_7_2016_hd/3-1-0-352">Doble Kara September 7, 2016 HD</a>

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