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NameAng Probinsyano September 6, 2016 HD
GenreAng Probinsyano

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Follow the journey of twins Ador and Cardo (both played by Coco Martin), who were estranged from each other by financial reasons even as they followed the path of law enforcement. Ador was a celebrated police officer, with a loving family as his support. Cardo on the other hand, loves the solitude of the mountains as a Special Actions Forces Trooper. Their lives take a turn when Ador gets himself entangled in a syndicate which leaves him dead. To cover for this fact, Cardo was ordered to become his brother, family and all, and be re-united with the grandmother whom he detests. How will Cardo fit in with the life of his brother, Ador, which is an entire world’s difference from the one he used to live? Will he ever get the chance to avenge his brother and the loss the syndicate dealt to their family?

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