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NameGoin Bulilit September 25, 2016
GenreGoin Bulilit

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Goin’ Bulilit – August 23, 2015 is a sketch comedy show broadcast on and created by ABS-CBN in the Philippines. It is a gag show featuring children in various comedic situations. The show broadcast its 8th Year Celebration on February 17, 2013, in which the graduates came back to the show and joined the present kids in their skits. The 8th Graduation Night followed a week after the anniversary. The show was created by Edgar Mortiz, who co-directed with his son, Frasco Mortiz. Roderick Victoria served as Creative Manager. The creative/writing team was led by headwriter Sherwin Buenvenida and included writers Rolf Mahilom, Josel Garlitos, Toffie Runas, Yani Yuzon and Badjie Mortiz. Watch Goin’ Bulilit

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<a href="/pinoy_teleserye/abs_cbn_comedy_show/goin_bulilit/goin_bulilit_september_25_2016/45-1-0-578">Goin Bulilit September 25, 2016</a>

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