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NameI Love OPM March 27, 2016
Time30 min

About the teleserye

100% foreigners will compete against each other in singing competition using Filipino songs and most notably the Original Pilipino Music genre. Originally conceived in 2014, the show initially had as the host but had to decline after scheduling conflicts. Upon being requested as judges, Martin Nievera and Lani Misalucha agreed to participate. Singer-actress Donna Cruz was originally the third judge but the delay in production forced her to withdraw due to personal commitments. Cruz vouched for singer and friend Regine Velasquez to take her place, but since Velasquez renewed her contract with rival station GMA Network, Velasquez was unable to commit despite expressing interest to reunite with peers Nievera and Misalucha. Toni Gonzaga became the replacement for Cruz eventually after hearing that there was a vacant spot for a third judge.The contestants dubbed as "Touristars" must initially go through 2 rounds which each advancement to another round being termed as "passing a Gate". The audition phase shall determine the 24 contestants to "pass through Gate 1" or qualify to the next round. On the second round to pass Gate 2, the 24 contestants that qualified the audition phase will be group into 4 to compete against each other. Only two contestants per group can advance to the next round. The top two contestants will automatically get a chair, while the third and fourth contestants needs to Bump Off the former by surpassing the current high scores.

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